Thursday, October 25, 2018


Oct 25, 2018
It’s been a tough year to make progress on the solar power project in Biharamulo.  We are now 6 months behind our expected completion date. Because of the delays and after almost weekly emails and phone calls since last August I visited Power Providers in Arusha, Tz on Oct 14thand 15th. There I met  and was hosted by the owner and managing director Clive Jones. The source of the problem lies far away in Dar es Salaam and even farther away in Germany. There have been new restrictions placed on technical imports into Tanzania by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards. And there are apparently few inspectors capable of really inspecting the hi tech large batteries being shipped from Germany through Dar es Salaam. The battery manufactures  in Germany will not ship if they think the batteries will be sitting for a long period of time in the port in Dar waiting inspection, certification and customs clearance.  They worry their product will subject to damage and theft while waiting. So, things were at a standstill for months.  Now , according to Clive Jones the batteries have been given clearance to come with the promise of rapid transport through Dar es Salaam. I am told  that the batteries may be shipped in December. That means hopeful construction in the first quarter of 2019. This is all subject to change in the uncertain world of international business. 
  Below, a recreation of the final project

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