Wednesday, April 6, 2022


3/31/22.  SCF Chooses Rulenge Hospital for Next Solar Power Site.

     The Sandy Christman Foundation Board of Directors has agreed to fund a solar power electrical generation project at Rulenge Hospital in Rulenge, Tanzania.

   This will be the Foundations fourth solar power project in the Kagera region of western Tanzania which sits two degrees south of the equator. Rulenge Hospital was built  in 1952. It has 50 beds and supplies medical care to a poor, rural, growing population. The hospital lacks many basic medical services and is 420 km ( 252miles) from a tertiary medical center in Mwanza, Tz. 

    We believe medical progress cannot be made without medical infrastructure improvements. To supply 21st  century healthcare requires reliable, affordable electrical energy. Currently Rulenge hospital gets electricity from Tanesco, a gov’t. run utility and also from the  inefficient  diesel powered hospital generator. By most estimates the hospital lacks  electricity  for more than 6 hours a day.  Imagine attempting an emergency c- section operation in the middle of the night with no electric lighting or power. Providing reliable, affordable electricity will give patients at Rulenge  Hospital an even chance that the rest of the world takes for granted.

    There is more to this story that is very timely and appropriate. Solar powered electricity improves health care and save lives. It also reduces cost at this or any poor  underserved hospital. It can also be a zero carbon solution to climate change and to  improving public and planetary health. 

      Each project we  complete proves to local people that solar power is an achievable, reliable and an affordable alternative to the  inefficient, carbon based utility grid that exists throughout Africa.  We can help the developing world transition to a carbon free economy. And we can do it in equatorial Africa where the effects of climate change may prove to be the most severe.

   Please read the attached, powerful letter from Sr. Dionesia MD, the medical director of Rulenge Hospital ( below).

Sr. dionisia Jasson <>

Dec. 31, 2021, 9:01 AM  

 Dear Dr. Larry,

Greetings from Rulenge Hospital.

I am Sr . Dionisia OSF, MD and I am currently working as an acting medical officer in charge of Christ the King Rulenge Hospital. I would like to introduce the hospital  as well.

Christ the King Rulenge Hospital is a voluntary agency that was established by Canadian Sisters in 1952 as a dispensary before being upgraded to the hospital level in 1956.  It is located 45 kms from Ngara District, headquarters in which there is another hospital, Murgwanza, 350 kms from the regional headquarters and 420 kms from Mwanza City in which the referral hospital, Bugando Medical Centre is located.

This is a general multidisciplinary hospital run by Rulenge Ngara Catholic Diocese under the ownership of the Diocesan Bishop.  Targeting patients of low and medium income levels the hospital belongs to the secondary care category providing services in integrated units of Diagnosis, out-patient and in-patient departments.  There are other ranges of services provided by the hospital such as Reproductive Health, dental and ophthalmic services, surgery, obstetrics, diagnostic imaging (X-ray, Ultrasound) HIV/AIDS treatment and control, Laboratory Services and Theatre.

Our hospital has two sources of electricity; from the national grid and from our generator. However, the national grid is not stable therefore most of the time the electricity goes out and we have to use the generator. The situation has grown worse over the past 6 months because most of the time the generator is at work. We have gone beyond the budget  twice for purchasing diesel. We have shortage of funds, the hospital's need for electricity is also increasing due to use of more electric devices and fuel prices are growing higher.  As a result of all this, sometimes we have failed to manage the demand and so to provide quality health services as per hospital level. For example, during the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we had many patients who were in need of Oxygen from electric oxygen concentrators. Some of these patients did not get oxygen because the electricity was very unstable and of low voltage. We managed to save many but among those who died inadequate supply of oxygen was the contribution to their failure to survive.

In addition, we have premature babies that need a good constant supply of electricity in order to succeed in managing them. When the electricity is not reliable, we lose most of them. Again, most of surgical procedures are being performed with difficulty especially at night when the electricity goes off suddenly and repeatedly.

We think that the presence of solar power as the alternative source of electricity will bring a great relief to us with regard to various challenges faced due to shortage of electricity at our hospital.

I would like to ask for your assistance in achieving this which will be a great support not only for the hospital but also for the residents of the catchment area who will be receiving medical treatment at our hospital.

I am grateful in advance.