Saturday, November 2, 2019

When success gets you power, as in electric power.

   It took 2 years, patience, a trusting friendship, faith and the contributions of our donors but the solar panels at Biharamulo Hospital finally kicked into production last May. There were weeks last year when I thought the customs inspectors in Tanzania were out to personally torture me. It’s been a real education about how hard it is to do international business across many time zones. All of that is made worse by long distances and developing countries with evolving economies and policies.  
     I have waited to actually be here in Biharamulo to see it in person before filing this report on the Sandy Christman web site. Thanks to Power Providers and Clive Jones a solar engineering firm from Arusha the panels produce 30-40 KwHrs a day almost half of the hospital energy needs…at no financial cost and with no carbon footprint.  Solar power is such an obvious, intuitive choice for electricity when you are two degrees south of the equator. Even on rainy days it is a safe investment. We all need to remember the cost we pay for electricity is, although seemingly painful at times, a bargain since we don’t pay the social costs of CO2 production and carbon emission from our power plants. The WHO estimates that worldwide, there are more than 4 million deaths a year from air pollution. More people die from air pollution in a year then from automobile accidents. And then there is the threat of climate change. 
   This project has brought a steady source of reliable electrical power to the hospital, saving money and reducing CO2 emissions to help keep this beautiful country clean.


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